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Sitkari /Seetkari Pranayama

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Sitkari pranayama is a Sanskrit term for Hissing Breath. Seetkari pranayama is similar to sheetali or sitali which helps to cool down the body temperature. Try practising pranayama on empty stomach.



  1. Sit in any comfortable position with back erect.
  2. Eyes closed focus breath and keep your palms in Gyan mudra.
  3. Open your lips and gently press your upper and lower teeth together. Press the tip of the tongue against the back wall of teeth.
  4. Now inhale through the gaps of the teeth slowly and deeply. There will be a small hissing sound as you inhale. Feel the air filling in your abdomen, chest and neck.
  5. Now with mouth closed, exhale through nostrils.
  6. One inhalation followed by exhalation completes one round.
  7. Likewise, you can practice 10-15 rounds.


  1.  Calms your mind and reduces stress.
  2.  Reduces your anger and fatigue.
  3. Cools down body temperature,
  4. Regulates body heat.
  5. Regulates High blood pressure and hyperacidity.



Avoid if,

You are suffering from low blood pressure, cold, cough, asthma or any respiratory disorder. 

The air around you is polluted.

The weather is cold or in winters.


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