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Best Sitting Posture While Working On The Desk

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Poor posture while working on the desk is the major cause of neck and back pain.

In order to get rid of these pains, it is very essential to maintain good posture while working on the computer.


1) keep your spine supported on the backrest.

2)don’t slouch your back too much.

3) avoid forward bending of your neck.

4) keep your computer screen at eye level. If you are using a laptop then consider attaching an external keyboard and keep laptop screen on eye level.

5) while typing on the keyboard make sure ur shoulders are relaxed and not elevated.

6) maintain your elbow in 90 degrees.

7) keep your wrist in a neutral position.

8) knees bent to 90 degrees and feet well supported on a small table or footrest. Avoid hanging your legs.

9) take a break from work every 45 minutes and do some quick stretches.

10) maintain your hydration well.

11) if you have to attend a call then get up from the chair and walk while talking on a phone.

Try these out and see the difference in your pain.

this content is solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be suitable for professional medical advice.


Dr Priyanka Sanghvi

Physiotherapist, B.P.T, M.P.T.( Orthopaedics)

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