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Pranayama (Equal Breathing)

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By Pauravi Parekh 

Equal Breathing also called as “ Sama Vritti”. In Sanskrit Sama means equal and vritti means rotation /flow. It means the equal duration of inhalation and exhalation, in this breathing technique we equalize the time of each breath we inhale and exhale. For e.g if we take 3 counts of inhaling then exhaling should be 3 counts.

We all are born with a particular quantity of bioenergy and we need to feed our prana( bioenergy) through food, water and air, proper supply of this 3 things is required for living, yogis have observed that prana, breath and mind they get connected together,  so if the breath is disturb mind is disturbed and vice a versa. If you don’t breathe properly, which one should then there is a problem and hence one should aware of their breath and should learn the technique of balancing your breath and practising  equal Breathing  and help to do so, it is one of the important tools we can use for self-care, being able to access the tool such as breath can really help a person not only emotionally, mentally but also physically

We need to learn to breathe in well, when we breathe in we use the different muscle of our body, we have 3 sets of muscles which area use for respiratory breathing we have a diaphragm, intercostal and we have clavicular,  we breathe in this 3 area,  when we take a full breath in we use our diaphragm to see stomach is relaxed then we use intercostal so we use are ribcage very nicely then we use clavicular muscle. All this 3 together becomes one breath.

Limitation of Equal Breathing 

No Limitation 

Steps for Equal Breathing 

  1. Stand erect in relax comfortable posture with feet apart (this posture can be done sitting and a meditative pose also)
  2. Concentrate on your breath
  3. Avoid quick and jerky movement don’t strain the facial muscles or any part of the body
  4. Do not constrict the nose to cause a sound
  5. The number of counts you take to inhale with the same count you need to take to exhale For e.g  if you take 3 counts of inhaling then with the same 3 counts you need to exhaling ( Note don’t hold your breath)

cure for sure

INHALE —-  1….2….3  ///  EXHALE —- 1…..2….3.


  1. Do this practice for 10 rounds and gradually increase your count and practice rounds.



  1. Better blood circulation 
  2. Control Emotion 
  3. Prevention to disease
  4. Increase body Oxygen 
  5. Improve awareness 
  6. Purifies blood 
  7. Improve Concentration 
  8. Feel relax 
  9. Reduce stress and anxiety
  10. Reduce laziness  


Pauravi Parekh

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