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Sitali- Sheetali Pranayama- Cooling Breath

Sheetali pranayama

‘Sitali’ or ‘Sheetali’ in Sanskrit means cooling. Sheetali pranayama refers to cooling the mind and body. In our day to day life, with so much anxiety around, practising this breathing exercise will relieve the stress and make you feel relaxed.



  1. Sit on your mat in sukhasana or chair keeping the back erect.
  2. Keep hands in Gyan mudra. Now close your eyes.
  3. Open the mouth in ‘O’ shape and fold both the side of your tongue. Your tongue will curl into ‘U’ shape. 
  4. Place the tongue between the lips and inhale slowly and deeply till the lungs are filled. 
  5. Close the mouth now and exhale through your nostrils.
  6. One inhalation followed by exhalation completes one round. You can start with 1-2 minutes of practice.


  1. Regulates body heat.
  2. Reduces stress, relieves mind & body.
  3. Aids in regulating High Blood Pressure & hyperacidity.
  4. Also helps reducing fever by bringing down body temperature.
  5. Regular practice will help cure insomnia.
  6. Helps aid digestion.
  7. Purifies blood.



People suffering from low blood pressure, colds, congestion, asthma or any other respiratory disorder should avoid practising this. 


Hetal Trivedi ( Yoga Expert )

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