Summer Food

Ayurveda works on the principle of tri-doshas which state that there are three doshas residing in our body: Vata, pitta, and Kapha. These tri-doshas should be in equilibrium. One will develop a disease if these doshas lose their balance or equilibrium.

Summers in India can get pretty hot, so there is an increase in pitta dosha in hot summers, which can cause indigestion, nausea, skin disorders, hyperacidity or acid reflux.

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Built good immunity to fight with Mucus problem

cur for sure

Cold and cough are common health problems that affect children the most. If not treated properly, it can build up mucus in the lungs. Mucus is a normal, slippery and stringy fluid substance produced by many lining tissues in the body. It is essential for body function and acts as a protective and moisturizing layer to keep critical organs from drying out. Mucus also acts as a trap for irritants like dust smoke or bacteria. A running or stuffed up nose is a pain, but that extra mucus helps your body stay healthy. Mucus is an important substance. The body produces to protect itself from viruses and bacteria.

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Flavoured water (peach and basil)

Flavored water (peach and basil)

Can say that summer has started, day by day temperature will increase, And while these easily reach 36 °C and more, the desire for a cold drink is strongly felt.

This time, it is the peach that I put in the spotlight with a few basil leaves. It is subtle, light, delicate, soft and beneficial water.

I find it economical and really perfect for the hot weather. We can put a little of everything and make this flavoured water.

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Healthy Detox water

Healthy Detox water

We need.


5-6 slices of fresh cucumber

2-3 slices of lemon

2-3 slices of orange

A Few fresh mint leaves

A few fresh Tulsi leaves 

Ice-cold water




Fill the glass jug with all fruits and leaves and add water in it, and start using it,

Make sure you change fruits and leaves after refilling 2 or 3 times, 

The more you refill your jug with the same fruits and leaves, the more diluted and fewer nutritious dense the fruit becomes. 

So add fresh cuts after few refills to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need

And please don’t keep cuts for more than 24hrs change before it.  

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How Drinking Fennel Water Can Cut Your Belly Fats?

Fennel seeds Mean saunf (Vriyali). You can easily find it mostly in every Indian house, normally people eat them after there every meal,  It is not only a mouth freshener and to add a nice and pleasant flavour to curries, rice-dishes and sweets. It has a bucket full of minerals and vitamins, and very much useful in Body heat, asthma, stomach gas and other digestive issues. But, did you know that saunf is very effective to control weight? It also helps us in burning fat and supporting good health.

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Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV detox

Start your day with apple cider vinegar detox.

ACV is not only for dressing salads but it is also used in medicinal ways.

Benefits of ACV detox

  • ACV Detox removes toxins from the body.
  • It gives a good dose of enzymes.
  • It supports a healthy immune system.
  • It also helps with weight control.
  • It promotes pH balance in the body.
  • It burns fat faster.
  • It controls cholesterol.

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UBTAN; a natural scrub and body wash

We all know this deep relation between the Diwali festival and UBTAN. Diwali is not completed if you had not applied ubtan and taken bath. What is ubtan? What kind of ubtan we should use? What should be the ingredients of ubtan? Why it is specially asked to use in Diwali? Can we use ubtan on regular basis? And so many questions must be coming in mind when we talk about UBTAN. So in this blog, I will try to answer all of these questions.

What is UBTAN?
UBTAN is a powder of 10-12 ingredients. This is used to scrub and wash your body.
Which kind of UBTAN we should buy?
You should buy UBTAN which has very small granules but not a too fine powder. It has to be freshly made. Don’t buy if it doesn’t have a strong fragrance of its ingredients.

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