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Ekpadasana One-Legged Pose

Ekpadasana One-legged pose

  • Stand erect, keep the hand at their respective sides and the feet together.
  • Distribute the body weight equally on both feet, keens straight but not stiff.
  • Focus at one point straight ahead keeping the mind calm and body relaxed.
  • with aid of the hand slowly lift the left leg and raise it up till it reaches the inner thigh of the right leg.
  • Maintain the balance and adjust the left leg by pressing its heel tightly against the opposite inner thigh.
  • After the balance is achieved, join both palms in front of the chest in a prayer pose.
  • Breath normally, gaze fixed straight ahead on a point and maintain the pose for a while.
  • once you are stable in this posture raise your arm above your head.
  • Bring the left leg down gently, with the help of the hands and repeat the above steps with the right leg.

( Initially, support of the wall can be taken to achieve balance. If swaying is experienced the best way to avoid it is to concentrate the mind on each of the movements.)



  • Severe arthritis.
  • lower back pain.
  • sciatica, slipped disc and vertigo.
  • weak legs, weak neuromuscular coordination may limit the practice of this asana.



  • Strengthens the muscles of legs, spine and nerve control.
  • Helps correct flat feet.
  • Increase circulation in extremities.
  • Helps arrest further degradation in case of osteoporosis.
  • Improves body balance, endurance and alertness.
  • Enhance neuro-muscular coordination.


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