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Bhramari Pranayama


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Bhramari comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Bramar’ – a black Indian bee. The resounding echo of the sound made by a humming bee is replicated in the practice of this Pranayama. The humming sound resonates in the head region bringing forth a sense of unity and concentration.


  1. Sit in any meditative posture. ( Sit on a firm chair with an erect backrest, if unable to sit on the floor.)
  1. Keep the body above the waist straight and the spine erect. Eyes & Ears can be kept closed.
  1. Inhale fully and then exhale slowly, smoothly and continuously in a controlled manner from the nostrils with a little force, making a humming sound like the black bee.
  1. Keep the mouth closed throughout the practice
  2. The sound need not be very loud but should create the vibrations.

Practice 5 rounds/session, with pause in-between rounds.

Limitations / Contraindications:

  1. None – safe for all.



  1. Has a very beneficial effect on the nervous system (ANS)
  2. Restores the elasticity of lungs; beneficial in Asthmatic conditions.
  3. Practised daily it induces meditative states- quietens the mind.
  4. Beneficial in relieving from hypertension and stress.
  5. It relaxes the mind and lowers stress and reduces tension and anxiety.
  6. It helps to reduce anger and frustrations.


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