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Panchakarma the real way of body Detoxification

“Ayurvedic panchakarma”

Nowadays you can see many advertisements regarding ayurvedic detoxification, which shows you someone taking massage with oils and powders or any other elements, Taking a bath in the bathtub with some leaves and water, taking steam. Some advertisements show you oil is pouring on the forehead. But all these things are not ayurvedic detoxification.

Ayurvedic detoxification is very vast and different than these advertisements. I will try to clear views regarding ayurvedic panchakarma or ayurvedic detoxification in my article.

Panchkarma ( panch –five, karma- procedure) means five procedure. They are…

  1. Vaman( emesis therapy ),
  2. Virechan ( purgation therapy),
  3. Basti (medicinal enema therapy),
  4. Raktamokshan( blood letting) ,
  5. Nasyam ( nasal drops).

These all panchakarma has three steps

1. Poorva karma ( pre-procedure)

2. Pradhan Karma( main procedure)

3. Paschat karma( post panchakarma procedure)

Poorva karma

It this we prepare the body for the main procedure. In mostly includes snehan ( oleation therapy) and swedan ( sudation therapy).

Snehan (oleation therapy) – it has two types – internal and external.

In internal snehan- you have to drink ghee for 5-7 days.

In external snehan – massage with medicated oil

Swedan ( seudation therapy) – In this steam of different medical herbs is given.

Pradhan Karma ( main procedure) – There are 5 types of PRADHAN KARMA ( main procedure)

1. Vaman ( emesis therapy)


in this vomiting is induced medically to remove DOSHAS from the body.

2. Virechan ( purgation therapy)


in this purgation are induced medically.

3. Nasya

in this different kind of medicated oil, ghee, juices or powders are administered in the nose.

4. Basti ( enema therapy)

In this medicated decoction, oil, milk etc is administered through anal route.

5. Raktamokshan ( bloodletting)


in this vitiated blood is drawn with the help of different methods.

Paschat Karma ( after the procedure)- It includes following a particular diet regime and daily regime for a particular period.

This is the actual detoxification of the body.

Written by.

Dr Priyadershani. 

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