ABCDE Technique To Resolve Your Mental Trouble, Based On WHO Guidelines

ABCDE Technique to resolve your mental trouble,  based on WHO guidelines


Dr.Madhavi Sheth. Counselling Psychologist.


We are almost entering 85 days of the pandemic. As warned before we all are bruised physically, emotionally, financially and almost feeling drained.

As a result, we are coming across many unpleasant, unacceptable and shocking news and situations.

All of us, mind well words all of us whether rich or poor, adult or child, employed or unemployed are feeling lots of emotions which is pandemic itself, it is like a tsunami takes away almost all our positive energies.

Anxiety, restlessness, unseen fear and insecurity whatnot.

We all need to do one simple exercise which is called ABCDE


A – Pay ATTENTION to your inner dialogue, what are my feelings.

B – Do not automatically BELIEVE your thought process, since every thought we have is not necessarily is real 

C – CHALLENGE the thoughts to defuse anxiety. Is it a fact or an opinion? So if I am in a calmer state still I would have thought same or something else.

D – DISCOUNT so should I react to it or I should give a discount to it?

E – EXPLORE the options, what is going to be helpful to focus right now? What options do I have?


Most of the time, you will be able to handle your emotions. Friends practise it will definitely help all of us, Nothing is permeant, every night is followed by bright morning, after every disaster, there is a new creation, so we are evolving. God has an answer to every situation.

Have faith…….


Dr.Madhavi Sheth.

Counselling Psychologist.


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