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UBTAN; a natural scrub and body wash

We all know this deep relation between the Diwali festival and UBTAN. Diwali is not completed if you had not applied ubtan and taken bath. What is ubtan? What kind of ubtan we should use? What should be the ingredients of ubtan? Why it is specially asked to use in Diwali? Can we use ubtan on regular basis? And so many questions must be coming in mind when we talk about UBTAN. So in this blog, I will try to answer all of these questions.

What is UBTAN?
UBTAN is a powder of 10-12 ingredients. This is used to scrub and wash your body.
Which kind of UBTAN we should buy?
You should buy UBTAN which has very small granules but not a too fine powder. It has to be freshly made. Don’t buy if it doesn’t have a strong fragrance of its ingredients.

What should be the ingredients of UBTAN?
UBTAN mainly contains ingredients having cold potency. Following are the commonly used ingredients in ubtan.

  1. Ushir ( vetiver)
  2. Manjishta( Indian madder)
  3. Sariva ( Indian sarsaparilla )
  4. Kapoorkachari (Kaempferia )
  5. Haladi (turmeric)
  6. Musta (nutgrass)
  7. Chandan ( Sandalwood)
  8. Neem ( Indian lilac)
  9. Jatamansi (muskroot)
  10. Bakuchi ( Psoralea)
  11. Masoor dal ( lentil)

Why it is specially asked to use in Diwali?
Diwali comes in Sharad rutu (autumn season). This is the season of pitta aggravation. Pitta is correlated with fire. It’s hot. Body temperature increases. Water is lost in the form of sweating. Digestive fire is very high in this season, so you eat more. Tend to increase in weight.
Because of all these reasons you have to use things which are cold in potency. In UBTAN all the above ingredients are cold in potency. When you rub ubtan on the body it will help to regularize body heat due to its cold potency. It will also help in relieving digestive fire. And due to its fresh smell, you will feel refreshed.

Can we use UBTAN regularly?
Yes, you can use UBTAN regularly. But there should be a change in some ingredients according to season.

Uses of UBTAN

  • It exfoliates the upper dead cell layer of skin. Hence allowing pores to respire.
  • Being cold in potency helpful to maintain basal body temperature.
  • It controls sweating, by controlling sweat glands and the sebaceous gland.
  • It helps in de-tanning your skin very nicely.
  • In has antibacterial, antifungal ingredients like turmeric, vetiver, psoralen, neem which will protect the body from any infection.
  • Rubbing with ubtan will increase your blood flow all over the body.
  • Ingredients like Sandalwood, turmeric acts as brightening agents.
  • Ingredients like Indian madder, Sariva, musta will help in collagen production and help in tightening the skin.
  • Masoor dal will help to remove fine hairs from your body.
  • You can use it daily instead of soap. So you can protect yourself from those chemical-based soaps and body wash.

Written by.

Dr Priyadershani.

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