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In today’s world Meditation is a commonly used word and many of us also do it. TV and the internet as helped a lot., we start with enthusiasm and later we stop, it feels bored because people don’t know how to do it. Meditation doesn’t mean that your body is dead just like when you sleep (sleep is unconscious meditation and meditation is conscious sleep)

Meditation is a precise technique for resting your mind,  it means attaining a state of consciousness that is different from a normal waking state. The act of giving attention to only one thing and focusing one’s mind for a period of time in which you are fully awake but the mind is disconnected with the external word or any events around you.

 When the mind is silent – no longer distracted – your meditation deepens.

3 main criteria essential to any meditation practice 

  1. Use of the defined technique 
  2. Logic relaxation 
  3. Self-induced state/mode

There are other criteria but not that essential – state of psychophysical relaxation, use of self-focus skill, state of mental silence 

How to meditate (Simple meditation for beginners)

Sit in a comfortable posture (Maybe in Sukhasanas or Padmaasanas)

Palms on your thigh facing the floor 

Close your eyes and breath naturally 

Concentrate on your breath (focus on inhalation and exhalation)

Notice the moment of your body as you breathe, observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage and belly. 

If your mind diverts then return your focus back to the breath.

Maintain this meditation practice for 2- 3 minutes to start, and then try it for longer periods. 



  1. Reduce stress
  2. Control anxiety and depression 
  3. Promotes emotional health
  4. Self-awareness 
  5. Improve memory 
  6. Fights against addiction 
  7. Improve sleep
  8. Help to control pain 
  9. Balance Blood Pressure 
  10. Bring happiness 

 Nowadays there is a need to reduce stress and meditation is the key. 

There are different types of meditation to know more about it watch out for our next article.   

By. Pauravi Parekh 

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