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Health Priority For Mother on this Mothers Day

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” We Can’t Have Healthy Societies Without Healthy Mothers.”

Please encourage your mother to give priority to their health by living simple and safe.

Being a mother means giving love and showing care to others but here are a few simple steps to take self-care. Mother of every age can live a safe, happy and healthy life.


Healthy eating habits

I know mom always advises the family to “eat healthy food, more vegetables, fruits etc”, now you can give this good advice as a gift to your mom.

  1. Increase more fruits, vegetables and healthy diets in day to day life. It will help her to fight with some chronic diseases and other major problems.
  2. Eat more natural vitamins, calcium, minerals, protein, fibre and other substances which are good and import for her health.
  3. Try to consume low-fat food and eat more natural foods.
  4. Try to limit drinks and food which are high in calories, sugar, salt, fats, and alcohol.
  5. Request them not to consume Stale Food ask them to have Fresh food.


Movement and exercise for her body

Encourage her to add physical activity in her daily life, this one is the most important thing you can do for her mental and physical health.

Physical activities like walk, run, dance, cycling, swimming, meditation, yoga. Such activity should be minimum 1 to 2hrs a day for a healthy and safe life.

Benefits of physical activity

  1. It will keep her away from over-weight
  2. Reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease
  3. Reduces the risk and controls diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  4. Reduce the risk of cancer
  5. Makes muscles and bones strong.
  6.  Improves mental health and reduce mood swings.
  7. Physical activity will keep her young mentally and physically so she can enjoy a long and healthy life.


Good and sufficient sleep

Insufficient sleep will encourage your body against chronic and cardiovascular disease, obesity, mood swings, depression and many more. So a good and sound sleep will always give rest to your body and keeps you healthy. It is considered that minimum 8hrs of sleep is good for health.


Stress management

  1. Development of some good skills can reduce stress, give confidence and potential to fight with any stressful situations.
  2. Family support always helps with stress.
  3. Best way to manage stress is Self-care
  4. Spend Time with family and friends
  5. Avoid drugs, smoking and alcohol
  6. Increase Social activity in society
  7. Stay mentally and physically active
  8. Give time to your hobbies.


Love your mom

  1. Give her time, respect her,
  2. Spend time by playing games and do healthy chat with her,
  3. Care for her  the same way she cares for you,
  4. Text her, call her, inform her, support her.
  5. Give as much as you can because she is the one who brought you into this beautiful world.


On this mothers day, cureforsure.com  is trying to give a healthy life to all the beautiful mothers.

“Love You MOM”


Vivek Trivedi

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