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The rib cage expands in all directions with inhalation and reverts to its original position with exhalation. Thoracic breathing is a powerful breath technique for healing respiratory ailments.

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  1. Sit or stand comfortably, place the palm of your hands lightly on your ribcage with your fingers pointing inward and your thumb behind. your little fingers should touch the lower ribcage.
  2. Shoulders relaxed, elbows pointing outward.
  3. Start breathing normally and observe the movement of the chest. After a few breaths, begin to deepen, lengthen and extend that movements.
  4. On the inhalation, expand the ribcage sideward filling the lungs completely with air, then on exhalation let the lungs collapse fully.
  5. Keep the abdomen still, moving the only chest while breathing.
  6. You can start with 5-10 rounds and gradually increase the rounds.



  1. Improves the lung capacity
  2. Better supply of oxygen to variable cells of the body.
  3. Good for Asthma.
  4. Intercoastal breathing is practised and developed, mobility of the chest wall improves.


Nisha Yadav ( Yoga expert )

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