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When you are angry try these things

 How Anger management helps you 

 Anger is destructive, makes you upset, increases stress levels. It can hurt you personally as well as in professional relationships. It affects emotionally and physically. It increases blood pressure and anxiety. But there are ways to control your anger.

You can learn to manage and channel your anger constructively. so next time when you are angry to do these things…

anger management


1. Take deep breaths

Try taking a deep breath from your belly rather than your chest. This will allow your body to calm itself instantly.


2. Sit and relax

Sit on the chair comfortably. Allow your neck and shoulders to relax fully. Breathe deeply through your nose, pay attention to your tummy rising. Exhale through your mouth. Do this exercise daily for 5 minutes three times a day.


3. Mantra

Repeat words like ‘Take it easy’ or ‘everything will be fine’ whenever you feel angry or frustrated. You can say it loudly or keep repeating it in your mind.


4. Move your body

Sitting ideally for a while in one place makes you feel anxious or on edge. Take small walks, dance a little. This can keep your mind off the stress.


5. Ignore

Everyone has bad days. Keeping calm on such days will be helpful. Make a fresh start tomorrow. When you look back on your past, you will realize, there was no need to be stressed at that particular time or situation.


6. Lighter note

Take any situation in a lighter way. No need to be hyper or react instantly. Keep calm. Try assuming what an outsider might do in this situation.


7. Change/ Take a break

If you are stressed out at home, go out. Take a small walk or drive. You will feel lighter and sort out the mess when you return.


8. Think

If nothing good has happened today, think that the day could have been worse. Take a chill pill.


9. Forgiveness and Forget

Forgiveness is a powerful tool. Try forgetting the bad things that happened. It will help you to stay calm.


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