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Spiritual Meditation

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By Pauravi Parekh 

Meditation is been in practice for many years and the only reason that people believe in it is that “it works”. It is a task to calm your mind because your mind is always busy with thoughts and it’s a never-ending process and these thoughts make us doubt ourselves,  sometimes it confuses us, we need to understand this thought, understand the reaction, and need to learn to control it. Spiritual meditation will help us to do that.

Every day we see ourselves in the mirror but meditation is a way to see your inner self and Spiritual meditation will really allow you to know your real self, it will discover the depth of who you are, it will remove all perception you had about your self, will make you realise the internal truth, it will help you to let go what had happened and what is going to happen. 

The process is very joyful and peaceful, it can change your mind, body, soul and also your life if you are completely open to it. You need to make it a daily routine and for the same, you need to understand the steps and benefits so you can be more focused.   

Take a seat – Find a place to sit that feels calm and quiet to you and seat in any comfortable posture may be in Sukhasanas or Padmaasanas and close your eyes 

Fell your breath – Follow the sensation of your breath as it goes out and as it goes in.

Know your self–  Friendship with yourself knowing and accepting who you are will help you to accept others as they are. 

Let go of grudges  –  to forgive someone who has hurt you is a difficult task, but holding grudges will give you pain, as soon as you give up grudges you release the pain and move on, as your spiritual meditation becomes regular you will release it. 

Focus your spiritual aspiration on others – If we focus more on the benefit of others then we will be worrying less about our desires, More we devote energy to make others happy, we become happier.  

Bring Mindfulness into your faith – Faith is an excellent way to feed the spirit, Mindfulness in your spiritual practice will help you remain open to the blessings and connection of the present moment 

Open your mind to new possibilities –Need to accept that we are a necessary but a small part of the universe so that instead of keeping our minds stuck in Self-importance we will be able to keep our minds open for all the new possibilities. 

Be authentic  – Be yourself and stop pretending you’re something to cover up your shortcomings. Be honest with yourself.  


  1. More self Knowledge 
  2. Settles our thoughts and emotion
  3. Gives inner peace 
  4. Help to let go past 
  5. Help reach higher consciousness
  6. A higher level of well–being and happiness 
  7. Reduce anxiety and stress 
  8. Fall asleep more easily 
  9. Make you fit and energetic   
  10. Make you aware of exactly what you need in your daily life



Pauravi Parekh

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