Dr. Shyamsundar Sharma 

Dr. Shyam Sundar Sharma wish women”s day

Dr. Shyam Sundar Sharma wish women”s day

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Dhootapapeshwar Shatavari Kalpa Granules (Chocolate Flavour) – Ayurvedic anti-fatigue granules for mother’s care during or post-pregnancy, Enhances immunity and general health, Improves immunity, Nourishes all the tissues of the body, Excellent galactagogue- a boon to new mothers with low lactation, Maintains good reproductive health in females, Useful for women in all age groups and for all stages like menstruation, pregnancy and postnatal period

Raktda Tablet – Iron deficiency anaemia, Nutritional anaemia, Anaemia due to blood loss, Anaemia during pregnancy and lactation, Anaemia following any infection, Rich in Iron, calcium, minerals and natural herbs

Manoll Health Tonic – A natural health tonic, The lower danger of Chronic maladies, Diminishes oxidative pressure and expands resistance, Revives and fortifies body tissue, Guarantees solid pregnancy and lactation, Fortifies opposition against repetitive contaminations in youngsters, A tonic impact for all periods of individuals, Guarantees quicker recuperation from the ailment, Very much endured and less shot of blockage and gastric disturbance.

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