Sneha Rochlani

Pressure of being a “good girl/ boy”

Hello friends,

I have experienced myself and have observed that, we still abide by the theory of being a “good girl” or a “good boy”  not only to our parents but also, it has become inevitable to deny that we also want to be a good best friend, a good colleague, a good boss, a good employee.

Well, my question is what if – ‘YOU were YOU’. What if you release this immense pressure of being “good” and just be You. Release the burden of being a good daughter, a good son, a good father, a good family man where, constantly, for years you trying to prove to get that recognition in the name of love from the other person. There is so much “Need” that is created which comes from a space of lack. Put it down. It may be uncomfortable initially and would go as a shock for the other person but don’t you think, with this you would start to honor yourself more.

Allowing oneself and honoring the uniqueness of you will bring a massive shift in YOU. Once you decide and the shift happens, automatically things will reflect in the same manner. The guilt of being you is shredded and you start to accept who you truly are. This allows the vibration to rise, the frequency in which you will vibrate will increase and hence, you will start to attract things for your highest and best.

The question is how is this possible. Well, with counselling and healing it becomes very easy to understand the root cause, from where the belief started, from whom it stemmed. And again, with healing it becomes easier to consciously choose what the person wants from here. This is where my role comes. I can help you release old belief patterns and implant new ones which you choose. Also, if these are related to the DNA that you carry, that can be changed too.

You can book your counselling and healing session. This is possible over the phone distantly as well.

The more you allow yourself, the more it will show you wonders.

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