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Tratak a Candle Gazing

Candle Gazing

(Trataka is a kriya with multiple benefits)

Tratak a Candle Gazing Meditation

*How to practice*  

✓ Sit in any comfortable meditative posture, keeping the head & spine erect

✓ Light a candle and keep it at one arm distance; the tip of the flame just below eye level. Make sure the flame is steady.

✓ steadily gaze at either the tip of the flame or the tip of the wick without blinking, till the eyes grow weary.

(Be sure not to over-strain the eyes.)

✓ Now close the eyes and visualise the flame within.

✓ once the image begins to fade cup or palm the eyes and then slowly open them.




✓ Avoid in case of serious eye disorders, glaucoma & high myopia.

✓ A psychic problem like schizophrenia or hallucinations.

Tratak a Candle Gazing Meditation


✓  Purifies and strengthen the eye muscles.

✓ Improves vision, concentration & memory

✓ Helps in insomnia, nightmares & cures minor headache.

✓ Brings inner peace & silence by calming the mind.



✓ It is recommended that the room be neither brightly lit nor very dark.

✓ practice daily for 2-5 minutes, as per individual comfort.


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