Nisha Yadav

We Are The Change Makers

As women, we take care of everyone and everything but do we ever think of taking care of ourselves?


There is no denying the fact that if we fall sick then everything will go haywire. So why not take care of ourselves first? Why not prioritize our health, happiness, and peace of mind first so that we can keep our surroundings as well in a similar state. Let us pledge to better our health, thereby improving the overall health of humankind. 

Following are a few tips to keep our health in check:

  1. Bring hobbies back in life. Never stop doing things that give you happiness, which connects you to your inner self.


  1. Use your free time to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Possibly, practice some Yoga Asana and Pranayama.


  1. Stop worrying and bothering yourself over petty and unpredictable things. Life is meant to be lived in the “Present” and not to be wasted in sulking over “Past” and worrying about “Future”.


  1.   Believe in your abilities, decisions, judgments, etc. Do not wait for anyone to validate them.

Life is beautiful and so are we. We are the game-changers. Let’s bring in the change. Let us be the change and the world will become a better place.


Nisha Yadav (Yoga Expert)

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