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Yoga For Children To Help Them During Their Examinations

We all know that children face a lot of problems during their examinations.

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A few of the commonly faced problems are:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Lack of concentration
  3. Unable to memorise the lessons taught
  4. Feel sleepy, hungry and sweaty etc.

One of the major causes of the above could be performance pressure, nervousness, disturbed mind or it can be their divided attention between studies and other activities.

Following exercises will help them to improve their focus.

  1. Reverse counting of numbers (100 – 1) slowly and rhythmically
  2. Concentrating on moon or starts (NOT VIRTUAL; avoid blinking, without glasses, in case of irritation or burning sensation immediately discontinue the practice)
  3. Counting and regulating their breaths (deep breath, one inhalation & exhalation is one breath. It is more effective if they practice it with their eyes closed)
  4. Observing the abdominal movement while sitting or lying down (keep one palm on lower abdomen near the navel, another palm will be resting beside your body while inhaling abdomen will rise and while exhaling it will relax)
  5. It is very important to rejuvenate oneself, either by playing outdoor games or spending some quality time with family and friends. It is necessary to get refreshed from time to time with positive activities which will help your child to study with a relaxed mind. (try to avoid electronic devices during this time)

Above mentioned techniques will help your child with the following:

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  1. It will help them to channelize their thought process
  2. Improve their concentration
  3. Improve memory power
  4. The breathing exercises will help the vital energies to flow naturally which will calm their nerves and give relief from anxiety and nervousness which results in one’s better performance.
  5. Recreation activities will help them to refresh instantly and relieve the tension from body and mind which will improve the accuracy of their studies.

Note for parents: Do not burden your child with performance pressure, don’t show your expectations during their exams. Keep yourselves and surrounding as cheerful and calm as possible.  


Nisha Yadav (Yoga Expert)

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