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 ​Pineapple is not just a fruit

Pineapple (ananas)
Latin name: ananas consistent

Family: Bromeliaceae

Pineapple is a small herb. It has around 60cm to 1mt longleaf with thorny margins. This plant is basically from Brazil and was brought to India by the Portuguese. Now abundantly available in India.

Fruition happens at the end of summer and in the Rainey season. So you get all benefits of pineapple if consumed during this period.

  • According to Ayurved pineapple are Vata and pitta shamaka
  • Pineapple is very helpful in anorexia abdominal pain and  hyperacidity (amlapitta)
  • Pineapple water or jam is helpful in heart diseases and bleeding disorders.
  • Fresh Pineapple juice also helpful in constipation and worms
  • Pineapple is also useful in urinary stones and micturation.
  • Make sure not to eat pineapple in pregnancy as it causes abortion when taken in excess.
  • Raw pineapple is very effective in kashtartava ( metrorrhagia- painful menstruation) and anartva (amenorrhea- scanty or no menses).

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