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Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

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Gomukhasana is a Sanskrit name for cow face asana. Go means ‘Cow’, Mukha

means ‘face’ and asana means ‘posture’. This is a seated hatha yoga asana which

is considered to be a unique experience for every individual. People with flexible

hips and muscles may find it easy to get in gomukhasana but those who have

been sitting on chairs or sofa, or are involved in running, cycling may find

it difficult to perform it. With time and patience, you will be able to perform the

pose perfectly as it makes your body flexible and easy to stretch.

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How to:

  • Sit on the mat with upper body erect with legs stretched out straight (dandasana).
  • Fold your left leg and place it under your right buttock and bend the right leg placing it over the left thigh, making sure both the knees are one on top of the other.
  • Now take your left hand, bend it at the elbows and place it behind the back with fingertips in the upward direction.
  • Bend your right arm over the shoulder with elbow higher than your head with fingertips in the downward direction and stretch it until you grasp your left hand.
  • Keep your upper body as high as possible, with chest expanded and spine erect.
  • Breathe normally and hold this position for as long as you are comfortable with. Release hands and legs slowly.
  • For the arms, use a strap if the fingers don’t reach to clasp.


Helps in back flexibility with regular practice.

Aids diabetic patients by working on kidneys.

Strengthens liver and kidneys.

Removes stiffness from the back and hips.

Stretches shoulders, arms, chest and spine. Therefore toning the arms.

Practising this asana regularly can reduce stress and anxiety.



Avoid this pose if you have a calf muscle tear. If you have varicose veins avoid

putting direct pressure on the veins; you can do the pose if the varicose veins are

in the centre of the calves but not if the veins are in the sides of the calves. If

you’re tight in the hips, especially when the rotators are jammed, one can sit on a

block or a blanket and then cross their legs and stack one knee above the other in



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