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Varsha Ritucharya: – Monsoon Regimen


In Ayurvedic scriptures, seasons (ritus) are very well explained along with dietary measures and lifestyle changes in the respective seasons. But a sudden change in the season leads to many abnormal functions inside the body, which is also explained in various Ayurvedic texts. Therefore, adaptation to the changes for the upcoming season must be started 15 days prior. (Refer Ritu Sandhi)

Varsha ritu


Varsha ritu usually ranges between mid-July to mid-September. Sky is covered with clouds, visibility of sun is irregular, and humidity is very high at this time. Ponds, lakes, and other water bodies are filled with water.

The strength of the person becomes less during this period as varsha ritu leads to imbalance in vata dosha, accumulation of pitta dosha, and agni (digestive fire) becomes irregular. Sourness predominates during this period

Diet regimen

Consumption of food which are easy to digest, warm, and preferably home cooked is best advised. As sour and salty taste is predominant, soup of the same taste should be consumed. Old barley, rice, wheat, oats, ghee, and oats are advised in moderate quantities.

Digestion is weak during this period; therefore, avoid foods which are hard to digest, fatty foods and meat, stale food, and leafy vegetables. Excess amount of proteins and dairy products like cheese and curd in your diet must be avoided.

Humidity is favorable climate for many micro-organisms therefore; water must be boiled before drinking.

Among many Indians, some healthy individuals go on fast during the shravan, this helps to relax the digestive system and prevent it from any infection during this period.


Boiled water must be used for bathing and applying oil after bath is advised. For application on skin til (sesame) tail is best suited or rubbing the body with a thick towel and applying medicated powders to prevent against pathogenic infestation.

Varsha ritu is the best season to detoxify the body specially the first half of the  monsoon(mid-July to mid-August) is the best period to detoxify the body. Therefore, Medicated Basti (enema) is prescribed as an evacuative measure to expel vitiated Doshas. (must be done under an ayurvedic physician’s supervision)

Avoid sleeping at day-time in varsha ritu, as it might lead to an excess of kapha dosha in the body. Since the body metabolism and agni is irregular during this period, excess kapha dosha can further diminish it and cause multiple disorders and aggravate existing diseases.

Exercising late in evening or nights can hinder your agni and may cause other digestive problems. Getting wet in rain, day-sleep, exercise, hard work, excessive sexual indulgence, exposure to wind, and staying awake at night are to be avoided as it may aggravate vata dosha and cause vata related disorders.


During covid-19 pandemic, it is essential to maintain health of the body and prevent it from infections. Therefore, by following such simple regimen and adapting to the external environment will be beneficial.


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