Mental Immunity To Develop A Positive Mindset In This Pandemic Period

Nowadays almost all of us are worried about our body immunity. In fact, many of us started working on it, due to pandemics. In fact, most Doctors would emphasise Physical Immunity. The second emphasis should be given to Mental immunity. Since we all need to guard our mental health due to the long lockdown.

Let’s see simple ways to keep up your mental immunity.

  • Keep in mind that we all will experience various emotions. A mix of all. So remember it is not a good time to take a major decision. Lockdown is not permeant. so let’s not take major decisions based on this period.
  • we all must have a routine to follow every day. it will keep us moving.
  • If feeling restless, anxious, depressed ..find out the source of your anxiety, Here immediately check on your deficiencies. Vitamin D, Vitamin B 12, Zinc. They have a strong impact on us …more than we think.
  • Negativity in Media, especially news once a day. It is toxic and may give you a major impact, so avoid watching before sleep and even after you wake up.
  • If you feel someone is too anxious or too negative, don’t interact stay away from them, they are more contagious than you think.
  • Our body has a key to our personality so take care of your body and mind.


Dr Madhavi Sheth (Counselling Psychologist)

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